Where To Find The Udon Yokai?


What is the strongest yokai?

One such list is the Three Most Evil Yokai of Japan (japanese: 日本三大悪妖怪, Nihon san dai aku yōkai ). These are the three monsters who, according to legend, posed the greatest threats to Japan’s existence. They are Shuten dōji, Tamamo no Mae, and Sutoku Tennō.

What is the weakest yokai?

Which of these yokai is the weakest

  • Komajiro. 11.8%
  • Komasan. 17.6%
  • Bloominoko. 21.6%
  • Thornyan. 43.1%
  • Shadow Venoct. 5.9%

How do you evolve Sumodon?

Sumodon evolves into Yokozudon when fused with a Vintage Parasol.

Where can I buy soba in Yokai Watch 2?

You get it by finding a soba delivery man riding a bike. He appears randomly throughout Springdale. Follow him around town without blocking him. Occasionally he’ll fall and drop all the soba noodles on the ground.

Are Yokai good or evil?

Japanese Yokai (妖怪), or “supernatural aberrations,” are a category of Japanese otherworldly beings that are hard to define. They could be spirits, demons, animalistic beings, or apparitions. In many cases, they are frightening to behold but ultimately non-malicious too.

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Is Yo Kai Real?

Basically, Yokai are a certain type of supernatural creatures within Japanese folklore, which come in many different shapes and forms. Yokai have a very long tradition in Japan, and folktales of Yokai have been spread and passed on through word of mouth and scriptures for ages.

Where can I find rank in yokai?

Rank A Challenge This time the Yo-kai are Quaken, Benkei, and Alhail. All three are located in the Springdale Underground Waterway. Quaken is located near the entrance by the east river in Uptown Springdale. Enter the underground waterway and follow the path to the north to find the Yo-kai.

How do you get S rank in yo Kai watch 1?

Quest Description

  1. Upgrade the Yo – kai Watch! Defeat Impass on Liar Mountain, Appak on Hooligan Road, and Timidevil in Hungry Pass for the Rank S test. Find and defeat the 3 Yo – kai!
  2. We passed the test! We defeated the 3 Yo – kai for the test!
  3. Quest Complete! The Yo – kai Watch is now Rank S.

How do you get S rank Yo Kai?

Rank S (Japanese: ランク S, Ranku Esu) is the highest level for all Yo – kai. To upgrade the Yo – kai Watch to this ran, one has to go to Timers & More, then complete the ” Rank S Challenge!” Request, which is only available after the completion of the main game.

What Yo Kai can evolve?

Some Yo – kai can transform into stronger Yo – kai once they reach a specific level. This is known as Yo – kai Evolution. Only 15 Yo – kai can evolve. Yo – kai Evolution.

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Pre- evolved Level Evolved
Walkappa 32 Appak
Komasan 35 Komane
Komajiro 35 Komiger
Hungramps 22 Hungorge


Does cadin evolve?

Cadin evolves into Cadable starting at level 21.

How do you evolve Whateverest?

Whateverest evolves into Whatuption when fused with a Terracotta Figure.

What is Shmoopie?

” Shmoopie “, is a corruption of schmoopie, a nickname often given to either one’s significant other, often seen as sickenly sweet, or, with Shmoopie’s dog basis, a cutesy nickname for their pets.

Where can I find Draaagin?

After the initial encounter with him at Excellent Tower, Draaagin can be found under cars and vending machines and in piles of garbage in Downtown Springdale. He can also be found in Paradise Springs.

What Yo-Kai holds a small staff?

Oden can now be purchased from Shopper’s Row Everymart. Holds a small staff in one hand.

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