Often asked: Where Is Udon?


What country is udon from?

Udon (うどん) are thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. They are thicker than soba noodles, white and chewier. Udon is widely available at restaurants across Japan and prepared in various hot and cold dishes.

Is Udon Korean or Japanese?

Udon (うどん or 饂飩) is a thick noodle made from wheat flour, used in Japanese cuisine. It is a comfort food for many Japanese people. There are a variety of ways it is prepared and served. Its simplest form is in a hot soup as kake udon with a mild broth called kakejiru made from dashi, soy sauce, and mirin.

Is Udon Thani worth visiting?

Presently, Udon Thani is an important cultural and religious hub of Thailand, known for Buddhist temple complex, pagoda, lakes and sprawling orchid farms. Other than this, there are plethora of exciting and fun things to do in Udon Thani that make the holiday worth in every aspect.

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What does Udon Thani mean in Thai?

Udon Thani is said to mean ‘northern city’. Thani means ‘city’.

Is Udon healthier than ramen?

Based on the above, our analysis suggests that Udon stands out as healthier than Ramen. This analysis is based on how the Udon contains less sodium than Ramen, is made with fresher ingredients, and also has zero MSG, which is a bonus for any heart- healthy eaters.

What do u eat with udon?

Udon is traditionally served as a hot noodle soup topped with scallions, tempura or fried tofu. We also love adding udon to stir-fries, particularly this amazing recipe from Chicago chef Takashi Yagihashi, who combines udon with shrimp, chicken, cabbage and mushrooms for a simple yet flavorful dish.

What is the best udon noodle?

Best Sellers in Udon Noodles

  1. #1. Ka-Me Stir Fry Noodles, Hokkien, 14.2 Ounce (Pack of 6)
  2. #2. Hime Dried Udon Noodles, 28.21-Ounce.
  3. #3. Myojo Jumbo Udon Noodles, No Soup, 19.89 Ounce.
  4. #4. Big Green Organic Food- Organic Buckwheat Ramen, 9.8oz, 100% buckwheat, Gluten-Free,…
  5. #5.
  6. #6.
  7. #7.
  8. #8.

What does kake udon taste like?

Kake Udon: Kake Udon is served with fresh noodles that are placed in a donburi bowl filled with hot tsuyu (broth). Since Udon tends to taste a whole lot like the broth it’s placed in it would likely taste somewhat spicy (the tsuyu broth balances out the spice since it’s sweet).

What is udon made out of?

Udon noodles are made out of wheat flour; they are thick and white in color. Best as fresh, they are soft and chewy. Due to their neutral flavor, they are able to absorb strong-flavored ingredients and dishes. Dried udon is also good, however, the texture is more dense.

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What language is spoken in Udon Thani?

To throw a small spanner in the works, the people in Udon Thani and surrounding areas speak Issan, a slightly different version of the Thai language, although any Thai from any part of the country will understand what is being said (no different to England).

Is Udon Thani a good place to live?

For those who like the quiet life, Udon Thani City strikes me as the best option in all of Isaan and in many ways it stands up well when compared to those places all over Thailand with a resident farang population. The Udon locals are genuinely friendly, truly some of the nicest people in Thailand.

What is open in Udon Thani?


  • Kham Chanot (คำชะโนด)
  • Red Lotus sea (ทะเลบัวแดง)
  • Wat Pa Phu Kon (วัดป่าภูก้อน)
  • Phu Phra Bat Historical Park (อุทยานประวัติศาสตร์ภูพระบาท)
  • Wat PhothiSomphon (วัดโพธิสมภรณ์)
  • Wat Pa Ban Tat (วัดป่าบ้านตาด)
  • Walking Street (ถนนคนเดิน)
  • Ban Na Kha Textile Market (ตลาดผ้าบ้านนาข่า)

How do I get to Udon Thani?

Bangkok to Udon Thani by Bus To get there, simply take the MRT subway to Kamphaeng Phet Station and from there a motorbike taxi (40 Baht) to the bus station. The alternative is a taxi ( make sure your driver turns on the meter), it’s about 150 Baht from Sukhumvit or 180 Baht from Khaosan.

How do I get from Vientiane to Udon Thani?

The cost-effective way to get from Udon Thani to Vientiane is to bus, which costs ฿50 – ฿80 and takes 3h. What is the fastest way to get from Udon Thani to Vientiane? The quickest way to get from Udon Thani to Vientiane is to bus which costs ฿50 – ฿80 and takes 3h.

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How do I get from Chiang Mai to Udon Thani?

The best way to get from Udon Thani to Chiang Mai is to fly which takes 1h 35m and costs ฿1600 – ฿3900. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ฿550 – ฿900 and takes 11h 40m, you could also train, which costs ฿380 – ฿3100 and takes 18h 1m.

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